JUNE 2020| I've officially accepted a tenure-track position at the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Queens College in New York City! I'm thrilled to be joining such a dynamic group of scientists in summer 2021.


JUNE 2020The final paper from my PhD dissertation has been published in Quaternary Research. Read it here.


OCTOBER 2019 | We had a great field season in the Tetons collecting rock samples for exposure dating!

SEPTEMBER 2019 | I've moved to the University of New Hampshire to start my postdoc in the Department of Earth Sciences.

JUNE 2019 | I've been working on uploading cosmogenic nuclide surface exposure age data to the ICE-D Greenland and ICE-D Alpine databases, which are run primarily by Greg Balco at BGC. If you see any data that are missing from the website, let me know and I'll upload it for you.

JANUARY 2019 | My work in Southeast Alaska was highlighted by the University at Buffalo as one of the top twelve discoveries of 2018.

While planning for my field work in both

Looking out over the Qarajugtoq Ice Cap, western Greenland

Photo by Jason Briner