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We're hiring!

I am actively recruiting undergraduate and graduate students to join the Lesnek Lab at Queens College. I am looking for students who are motivated, resourceful, and have excellent written and oral communication skills in English.

If you have experience with, or are interested in learning more about in past glaciation, terrestrial records of geohazards, or surficial geology, please get in touch with me via email.

Potential projects could include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Using cosmogenic nuclides or lake sediments to reconstruct glacier or ice sheet retreat in Alaska, the western USA, or the broader NYC region

  • Dating slope failure events in alpine settings (e.g., the western USA)

  • Assessing paleoenvironments for human migration and settlement along the Pacific coast of North America

While planning for my field work in both

Looking out over the Qarajugtoq Ice Cap, western Greenland

Photo by Nat Lifton

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