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Our team


Alia Lesnek, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Lab Director

Graduate students


Beatrice Capone

PhD Student

Glaciation of Southeast Alaska


Devina Kalika

MA Student

Last Interglacial lakes in the Arctic


Rania Taib

MA Student

Deglaciation of the lower Hudson Valley

Undergraduate students


Mariia Ihnatiuk

Environmental Science major

The Last Glacial Maximum in Oregon

IMG_4856 (1).jpg

Kimberly Lutchman

Environmental Science major

Ice sheet flow in the Lower Hudson Valley


Adrian Sterling (BS, Environmental Science, 2022)

We're hiring!

I am recruiting undergraduate and graduate students to join the Glaciers and Climate Lab. I am looking for students who are motivated, resourceful, and have excellent written and oral communication skills in English. MA thesis students are fully based at Queens College; Ph.D. students split their time between Queens College and the CUNY Graduate Center.

If you have experience with, or are interested in learning more about terrestrial records of glaciation, glacial processes, cosmogenic nuclides, or Quaternary surficial geology, please get in touch with me via email.

See our group research page to learn more about what we are working on.

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